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(ECNS)-- Dubbed"The Golden Bomber", Jürgen Klinsmann is a legendary footballer who helped the German national team to win both World Cup and Euro Cup titles. After retiring as a player, he transformed himself into a professional coach and manager, continuing with his passion for the sport and passing on his experiences to the younger generations.

Ma Mingyu, a symbolic figure in Chinese football, served as the captain of Chinese national football team during the2002 World Cup Korea/Japan. He also played in Italian Serie A and is now an Executive Committee member of the Chinese Football Association.

In this W.E. Talk, two football experts share their expectations for the upcoming Qatar World Cup and discussed the experiences and lessons learned in the development of this sport in both countries.

Klinsmann observes that China is on a"learning curve" just like other football powerhouses, and ups and downs are inevitable. He believes Chinese football will go along the right path with more and more children getting to love this sport and more infrastructure-building is facilitated on a higher level.

Based on his personal experience, Ma said Chinese footballers should learn from their German colleagues the perseverance and spirit to fight back against frustrations. He also agrees with Klinsmann that a stable league system, wider participation and professional training of young players are key to the development of the sport in China.

Here's an excerpt of the dialogue:

CNS: Chinese man's football team is under fire for their performances at the World Cup qualifications. How should they deal with those criticisms and how should Chinese football go forward?

Ma Mingyu: Every player will face criticisms. It's normal if you lose the game and the fans will criticize or scold you. As Chinese football players, we should face the criticisms directly, with an open mind. We need to figure out the problems in the system, in the environment and also on we footballers. Those that are not good should be abandoned, while those good qualities, like what we could find on others, including Europe and our neighbors Japan and South Korea, should be learned.

Jürgen Klinsmann: I think criticism is always there in the world of sport. It's normal. When things are not going so well, then the coaches and the players are blamed and also obviously the administrators and the owners and the investors. But I think in sports you take criticism always as a motivation. Every time when you get criticized for something, don't be disappointed with criticism.

You have to take it positively and you have to say"okay, I learn now out of whatever mistake or bad performance, and I go to the next challenge". It constantly goes forward. You look at what you can do best in the next week or next month or next year. And I keep my fingers crossed for the Chinese football that it keeps growing and growing and gets stronger and stronger.

CNS: Apart from the games of national teams, football leagues are also an important infrastructure for this sport. What do you two think of the role of the leagues and football clubs?

Jürgen Klinsmann: I think the Bundesliga is extremely important because it's the league that every child dreams about to play for one day. When you were born and your father passes on the team to you, whatever his favorite team is, if it's Bayern Munich, if it's Hamburg or if it's Stuttgart or Berlin, doesn't matter.

And in your neighborhood, everybody plays football. So for us, football is just so embedded into our spirit, into our culture. We can always talk about football; we can get up with football and we can go to bed with football. We cannot wait until Saturdays when the games are getting played.

Ma Mingyu: I think the football league is a touchstone that reflects the level of the sport in a country. The quality of a league has a huge impact on football, especially on young players. The national league must keep a stable system, then it can lead the development of football. Mr. Klinsmann just mentioned the football culture, which is also a very important point. Many Chinese clubs have started to cultivate this culture thing. But I think it's far from enough. So I think the football culture should be embedded into our leagues and in the sport.

CNS: Germany is a football powerhouse in the world that cultivated so many football talents. How is that related to engaging the kids into the sport? And how can China reflect on German experience?

Jürgen Klinsmann: If your environment plays football, you will play football. If you find in your neighborhood other children that play football too, or in school, this is when you could develop the energy and the desire to play football. Obviously in China, for example, is ping pong. Your table tennis is big. So everybody plays ping pong, you play ping pong. So I only grew up with football because my entire neighborhood only played football.

I live in America for more than20 years, and a lot of children play basketball because they see a lot of people play basketball. So I think when you have an environment that favors a certain sport, then you become part of it and then you like it, and that drives the entire infrastructure of the game.

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